About Me

Why I chose photography? Well, annoying boss- quit high paid job, unsure about business – abandoned it. Yes… unemployed for months. Took time but discovered that my aesthetic sense suited photography. Destiny made me do what I wanted. I have a penchant for photography and believe in freezing the right frame and giving client the flavour to cherish for a lifetime. Well, it’s a bit clichéd, though, I follow it like the Bible – A picture is worth a thousand words, I would say it’s worth a million words. Why to let go off your precious moments when you have #ClicksbyAyush with you. I don’t believe in creating memories, I believe in making every moment a memory. Even if your clicked pictures are in shambles, let’s make it majestic with high class editing. Don’t form a conjecture. Scroll down to see my work. Cheers!

Via Cesare Rosaroll st. 118, 80139 whizz
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